Watch 40 Michigan Waterfalls Video Today with a 48 hour Rental!

Over an hour of video with photography in different seasons and each with a variety of unique music.

Rent the Streaming Video for 48 Hours View on your computer, device. Connect to your TV for a larger view.

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A list of the 40 waterfalls in this video:

Agate Falls
Alder Falls
Autrain Falls
Big Falls
Black Slate Falls
Bond Falls
Bonanaza Falls
Canyon Falls
Chapel Falls
Dead River Falls
Douglas Houghton Falls
Eagle River Falls
Gabbro Falls
Gorge Falls
Great Conglomerate Falls
Greenstone Falls
Hungarian Falls
Laughing Whitefish Falls
Manabezho Falls
Manido Falls
Miners Falls
MNA Memorial Falls
Mosquito Falls
Munising Falls
Nawadaha Falls
O Kun de Kun Falls
Overlooked Falls
Peanut Butter Falls (KONTEKO FALLS)
Potawatomi Falls
Powderhorn Falls
Powerhouse Falls
Quartzite Falls
Rainbow Falls
Reany Creek Falls
Sandstone Falls
Slate River Falls
Saxon Falls
Superior Falls
Tahquamenon Falls
Wagner Falls